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Youth Emotional Support Resources

Books and other resources to help us tackle mental health issues

Affordable resources for youth emotional support

The That's Okay mental health book was created to help children learn how to identify their feelings.

With fully illustrated colourful creatures, the book describes various emotions in a gentle and simple way.

The popularity of the book has lead to more mental health resources for youth emotional support, and for adults too.


I bought the “It’s OK” book. My 5 year old grandson has just started reading and he loves it as the words are recognisable and he ‘can read it’

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Our son is on the Austisic spectrum and can sometimes struggle to explain what emotion he is feeling.

Chris has written a book that helps my son to identify and relate the emotions he's been feeling by telling us where he's felt these emotions and why.

The literature is accompanied by brilliant drawings of imaginative emotion monster which my son loves.

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'That's OK' provides an easy and fun way to explore emotions with your child.

My son is 3 and like most children finds it very difficult to understand why he is angry, sad or frustrated, this book has helped us explore these feelings with him and helped him express himself much clearer.

Would thoroughly recommend!

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Chris’s ‘That’s Okay’ book is something special.

It’s different to anything that’s already out there and is the perfect way to teach children about the emotions they might feel, while still being exciting for them to flick through.

Look forward to the next one!

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Really good quality products and great service, thank you.

Will def use them again

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I just think it's all perfect, colourful and very child friendly.

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