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Here you can find all the interviews, articles and reviews for the That's Okay and That Feels Earthmazing books, ebooks and audio books! If you're interested in reviewing or interviewing please email me at

Interview with Author Peter Okonkwo

At the start of last year I set myself a goal to improve at public speaking and become more confident on camera.

For someone who doesn't usually set myself goals, this was quite daunting.

But I've taken every opportunity that has come my way to get more comfortable with this type of situation.

I was delighted to be invited by author Peter Okonkwo to talk about my emotions books and the mental health journey that inspired them.

Thanks again Peter!

I'm proud of how the interview went and I felt so much more comfortable than when I started, talking about what I've created and the stigma of mental health too.

Watch below.

Suffolk News Shopping Centre Book Reading

I was invited to do a book reading at the Arc Shopping Centre as part of a charity event in Bury St Edmunds and it was covered in Suffolk News:

Carol Muleta Your Parent in Purpose Summit Interview

I was kindly invited to be involved in the USA Parent in Purpose Summit.


Everyone knows the planet is getting warmer, with the warnings from the scientific community growing more grave and certain impacts becoming increasingly unavoidable. But how do we spark the action needed? We speak to climate change children's author, Chris Dixon, to discuss whether the arts can make a difference


Belfast Telegraph


Eastern Daily Press Article

Man who battled depression pens book to help children with emotions

Little Rubies Daycare Dr Ruby Interview


Sue Atkins Reading Club Video


A brilliant idea for a book. Wonderful 'alien/creature' illustrations that truly show the emotions in their faces and posture. Children will relate to this book and it will definitely help them to understand that all emotions - positive and negative - are all okay. All primary schools should have at least one copy of 'That's Okay'.

Kiddy Charts

The Table Read Articles

All Ages of Geek Interview

We are thrilled to be speaking with Chris Dixon on “Galaxy-Boy Delivery”, an accomplished author and illustrator who has overcome his own battle with depression to write a powerful children’s book, “That’s Okay”.

Drawing on his own experiences, Chris has crafted a heartfelt story that helps children understand and cope with their own emotions. His work has been praised for its ability to resonate with readers of all ages, and has been hailed as a valuable resource for parents, teachers, and mental health professionals alike. In this interview, we’ll talk with Chris about his journey, the inspiration behind his work, and how he hopes to make a difference in the lives of young readers. So, let’s get started.

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Dogsthorpe Infant School Interview

Author Chris Dixon and his children's book 'That's Okay' is featured on Eddie's launchPad today.

Dixy's Storytime World Reading


SEN Magazine

SEN 125 July/August 2023 (