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3 ways a children's mental health book can help your child

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Young girl in a yellow t-shirt reading a children's mental health book and smiling whilst listening to music

Mental health is a topic that has been discussed and researched for decades. However, it is often still a taboo subject.

It's important to talk about mental health with your children because they may be experiencing emotions they may not be familiar with. By understanding their perspective, it puts you in a better position to support them.

A children's mental health book can help your child explore their feelings and emotions, learn how to cope, and feel listened to. 

There are 3 key reasons why you should use mental health literature to help support your child:

1. Introduce children to new vocabulary and concepts

2. Talk about difficult topics

3. Create empathy for others


Introduce children to new vocabulary and concepts

Woman sitting with her daughter on the window sill reading a mental health ebook for children from an iPad

Children's books are a great way to introduce new vocabulary and concepts to kids. They can also help them with their reading skills and help them understand the world better.

They are a great way to introduce new words, phrases, and different ways of thinking to children. The illustrations and text in these books can help children learn about different things in the world around them.

In the mental health space, books can help teach children about mental health concepts and the importance of self-care. For example, some children's books about mental health discuss the importance of taking care of one’s thoughts and feelings when dealing with difficult emotions.

The benefits of teaching children new concepts and new words are endless. It helps with language development, vocabulary, and communication skills. It also helps with social interactions and empowers children to be more confident in themselves. 

A lot of children's books are made up of words that they might not know yet, but by reading these books they will learn those words and be able to use them.


Encourage your child to talk about difficult topics including their emotions

Man and his young daughter dressed in super hero outfits on a hill pointing at the sunset. There is a teddy bear with a mask on.

Beautifully illustrated children’s books are a perfect way to start conversations with your child about difficult topics. It can help them feel more comfortable talking about their emotions and encourage them to talk about their feelings.

It's important to teach children about emotions and how to cope with them. This is especially true for children who are struggling with mental illness or have experienced trauma. Talking about difficult topics can be hard for children, but it's important that they do so in order to process their emotions and heal from their experiences.

The magical stories of books, including children's mental health books, are a safe setting for children to explore their feelings and learn new skills. By feeling comfortable, they are more likely to open up to their parents, teachers or mental health counsellor. If they are feeling something negative, it is best if they express those feelings in words.

 And likewise, it's good if they can talk about positive feelings to, to let adults know what they enjoy.


Create empathy for other children experiencing emotions and feelings

Three boys hugging in the sports hall at school looking happy.


As a child, I had a difficult time understanding how other children could be feeling. As an adult, I realized that this was because no one ever sat down and explained it to me.

With many mental health resources now available for children, it makes things easier for parents, teachers and counsellors to educate about empathy. Empathy is a really important skill for children to develop. It helps them understand how other people feel and think, and it teaches them how to be kind.

But it's not just about being kind to others and feeling good about oneself. It is about understanding the other person’s point of view, which will help children to develop a more accurate picture of themselves.

That's Okay is a book is for children who have trouble understanding their feelings, and for those who need someone to help them understand the feelings of others. It's also for adults who want to teach children about empathy and emotional intelligence.

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