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Emotions eBook vs Physical Book

  • person Chris Dixon
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Little girl with glasses reading on top of the table cross legged

With the steady development of technology, many areas of life have changed. A lot for the better, with innovative solutions being made available for life's challenges. From contactless payment to electric cars, the technology curve has increased at an incredible rate.

One area of debate whether technology has enhanced an experience is whether an eBook or physical book is better. There are many advantages to both. I originally made my emotions book for children available as a downloadable eBook. 

I've been very pleased to see the uptake of the digital emotions eBook. It's great to see parents advocating for their children's mental health. This motivated me to create the physical version so it can be accessible for all kinds of reading preferences.

Advantages of a children's emotions eBook

You don't have to wait for delivery

Man delivering boxes to a flat with mobile device in hand

When a print version of That's Okay is ordered, our print-on-demand partners, Lulu need to prepare and produce the book. The finished product looks amazing, and feels great in the hands. For such a good result, it takes a couple of days to print. It is definitely worth the wait however!

As soon as you order and pay for the digital download, you can read it there and then. You can also send it to your other devices for accessibility.

The emotions eBook is cheaper

Girl getting her phone ready to read the That's Okay children's emotions eBook.

Because there is no delivery involved with an eBook, or materials required to make it, the productions costs are far less compared to a physical book. The That's Okay children's emotions eBook is only £3, so is fantastic value for money.

You don't lose any quality with the eBook version, as the images look crisp in a digital format. The words are large and easy to read on any device, whether that's an iPhone or an iPad.

You can't lose an eBook

Father and daughter reading an emotions eBook on a tablet

If you're like me, always losing things, you might worry about misplacing the physical version of the emotions book. Being a busy parent or primary school teacher, it may get lost as the children are the main priority.

Even if you accidentally delete the emotions eBook from your device, you can re-download it. You'll get an email when you order with the link. And if you can't find that, please contact me for support.

Advantages of a children's emotions hardback book

It's easy on the eyes

Girl with her teddy bear laying on the floor reading a book smiling

Prolonged use of digital devices can cause eye strain, so if you're reading an eBook for a while remember to take a break. The That's Okay children's emotions eBook is simple. You don't have to spend a long time reading it for your child to understand the emotions.

But if you want to go through time after time, to see the magical creatures again and again, it's best to buy the physical version. Because there is no light emitting from a book, it's far easier on the eyes.

You don't have to charge a book!


Woman sitting by the wall charging her phone

We've all been there! Where we go to use our phone to look at something exciting, but see that empty black screen. Although we keep many devices charged, sometimes we may forget.

With the physical version of the children's emotions book, you can grab it whenever and not have to scramble to the nearest plug.  

There's something enchanting about a book

Girl reading a book on the sofa at night as the book emits magical rays

One big reason why eBooks haven't made traditional books obsolete, is the enchanting experience you get from reading a physical edition. No matter the genre, there is always that amazing new book aroma. Or even the scent of a well used book.

Flicking from page to page with your child, looking at That's Okay's vibrant creatures that have been illustrated by hand. It's a fantastic moment to share. As is being able to pass a book down to other generations to enjoy.

Should you go for the emotions eBook or physical version?

It's a tough call! It's all down to personal preference or style. 

And because it can be a tough decision, I made sure if you buy a physical copy of the book you get the emotions eBook for free!

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