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Happy Mother's Day

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Happy Mother's Day!

Sorry about the length of this message.

But there are a few important things I'd like to share with you.

If you could spare a few minutes, that would be amazing!

Read on to find out about:

- An discount to say thank you for your support

- A mobile phone storytelling experience using the book

- An opportunity to help those in need

Mother's Day

To celebrate mums around the world...

...For all they do for us (whether that's our mums or others who look out for us)...

...I'm giving away 10% this week on all book and clothing purchases.

Just use code MOTHERSDAY at check out.

Offer ends at midnight on the 24th of March.

Click here to shop.

Interactive Experience

The books now have an interactive experience, so when you scan the images with your mobile they will appear, move and talk on the screen!

Please note, this experience isn't available for the colouring book version.

How do you do this?

Go to in your mobile browser.

Give permissions for the browser to use your camera if the request pops up.

You then click Scan Image, hover over the character's in the book and let the magic commence.

Watch this video to see it in action and how it works.

Click here

Helping people in need

Recently Namugaya Stellah Esther connected with me.

She is the founder of the Rina Women's Foundation in Uganda.

Namugaya helps underprivileged women, teenage mothers and vulnerable children in the community.

I donated to help them get a sewing machine so they could get a steady income.

I was delighted that she sent me this video.

I want to support them further. Can you help?

For every book purchase over £1.99 this week with code MOTHERSDAY, I will donate £1 to Namugaya's charity.

Thank you!


Author of That's Okay children's emotions book


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