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Affordable resources for youth emotional support

The That's Okay mental health book was created to help children learn how to identify their feelings.

With fully illustrated colourful creatures, the book describes various emotions in a gentle and simple way.

The popularity of the book has lead to more mental health resources for youth emotional support, and for adults too

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I purchased this book for my autistic child who struggles massively with identifying his emotions. This book is an absolutely brilliant resource, clear and eye-catching visuals, to the point text, simple yet spot on descriptions of each of the emotions and the reassurance that all emotions are valid and it's okay to feel however you feel. Huge thanks to Chris Dixon for writing this amazing book, brilliant communication with updating me as to when it will be sent out and being an absolute pleasure to deal with. Thank you so much!

When I joined the company I am now employed with, Chris had already created a draft landing page. As the objective and strategy grew, the landing page had to be converted to a more complex page with new brand images and brand colours. I couldn't ask for a better external agency, Little Fish Digital to work with. Chris was very patient and re-designed and followed the brief exactly what we needed in limited time given. Chris was always available to consult and went beyond the tasks for the project we needed him for. Thank you Chris it was a pleasure to work with you and looking forward to continue to work on a bigger scale.

Chris not only brings fantastic ideas and creativity, but is able to execute flawlessly too - at speed and with real quality. Very refreshing to work with someone who is straight forward, honest and transparent from start to finish. Communication was great throughout. Chris always made us feel part of the process, whilst taking absolute ownership of the output. Chris takes great pride in his work, and it really shows.

I recently commissioned Chris of Littlefish Digital to post on my eco retail business Facebook while I was away on holiday. I was impressed by his quick grasp of what I needed, prompt response and friendly and efficient manner. I will be asking him to do more work on this and hope to get him to create my next website.

My 2 year and a half year old daughter really enjoys reading this book and after a couple of times going through it you can really start to notice she is starting to understand what different emotions are. It’s not something you would talk about in normal life so such a great idea to put it into a book which makes it fun to learn about!

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