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That Feels Earthmazing Environmental Emotions eBook and Audio Book Bundle

That Feels Earthmazing Environmental Emotions eBook and Audio Book Bundle

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This bargain bundle for contains the following:

  • eBook

  • Audio books in English narrated by the talented Simon Wells - two versions, one in a natural voice and one with the voices!

  • Colouring book sheets that can be printed

Once paid for, you can download a ZIP file with these files. Please email if there are any issues.


Nature needs your help!

That Feels Earthmazing is a gentle guide showing children how they can help the environment.

Each idea is illustrated with a colourful creature!

Our planet is getting warmer.

That means we will see less magical animals and plants.

It will be too hot for them!

But we can stop the earth heating up.

Then we can win back the wildlife!

These colourful creatures will show you how.

Helping feels earthmazing!

The full paid for eBook version covers the following areas that children can take action against climate change:

- Refusing
- Reducing
- Reusing
- Recycling
- Moving
- Nature
- Energy
- Power
- Food
- Animals
- Cleaning up
- Planet friendly toys
- Talking to friends

I have illustrated each of the colourful creatures by hand, so that children can read through and enjoy the book whilst learning
Perfect for children from 3 - 8 years of age.

This eBook PDF version will work on most mobiles, tablets and computers!

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